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Marble Wireless Charging Pad

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Fast and Sleek Design
Recharge your Pulse Pod or wireless charging smartphones effortlessly with our marble designed wireless charging pad. Crafted with great attention to detail, our Qi certified Wireless Charging Pad is made to make charging your pods simpler and easier than ever before by revolutionizing the way you charge your Pulse Pods or wireless charging compatible smartphones. Just simply place your pods anywhere on the pad and watch the battery life grow.

Premium Material
Made with high quality Grade A Plastic, each of our Charging Pads provide unmatched performance while looking sleek and stylish with our luxury marble design perfect for any location. Super thin designs makes it perfect for any kitchen, bedroom, or office.

With this wireless charger pad, dealing with messy wires, and slow charging will become a distant memory, allowing you to enjoy the full audio experience with your Pulse Pods. 


Compatible with most Qi-enabled devices

To provide a steady charge.

Wireless charging design

Eliminates tangled wires for easy use.

Delivers up to 7.5W power

For fast charging speeds.